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The aim of the SCHEMA Network of Excellence is to bring together a critical mass of industrial partners, end users, universities and research centres in order to improve the systematic exchange of information on Content-Based Semantic Scene Analysis & Information Retrieval. Learn More

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SCHEMA Reference System
Among the objectives of SCHEMA was the design of a general architecture for content-based analysis, representation indexing and retrieval. All versions of the Reference System are available at

The system supports high level (semantic) descriptors and the integration of visual media indexing and retrieval with other modalities (like text and audio based indexing and retrieval). SCHEMA gives the opportunity to research institutions and organisations to take this system as a test-bed and a common dataset for the evaluation and comparison of different modules and interfaces within CBIR context.

A more detailed description can be found in Deliverable 3.2 (PDF, 8.65MB)

The SCHEMA project is kept up-to-date by the Multimedia Knowledge Group of ITI.

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Alinari-SCHEMA site
Alinari has launched an exploitation site based on SCHEMA More
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SCHEMA has successfully participated in TRECVID2004
SCHEMA has successfully participated with SchemaXM in TRECVID 2004 which is carried out by TREC (Text REtrieval Conferences). More

SCHEMA has participated in the organization of WIAMIS 2005 More
SCHEMA has succesfully organized a special session on "Semantic-based Multimedia Analysis and Access" at WIAMIS 2004. More
SCHEMA has succesfully organized a special session on "Content-Based Semantic Scene Analysis and Information Retrieval" at WIAMIS 2003. More
SCHEMA paper
SCHEMA paper at CIVR2004 Download (PDF, 563KB)
Deliverable 2.1 (v4)
State of the art in content-based analysis, indexing and retrieval, final release Download (PDF, 1.35MB)

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