Visual Computing Lab

The Visual Computing Lab established in 2008. The Lab is mainly focusing on research and development of innovative algorithms and architectures for applications in 3D/4D information processing, image & video processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, bioinformatics and medical imaging. More specifically, the know-how of the lab and indicative technologies include:

  • Computer Vision and Machine Learning in security applications, event detection and recognition: includes development of new methods for moving object detection, tracking and recognition (e.g. humans, cars, drones, etc.) using diverse sensors; (abnormal) event detection and action recognition and space-time analysis of these events.
  • Adaptable services for human-machine interaction ranging from mobile devices to humanoid robots, with applications in personalized learning of minors and young students.
  • Tele-immersion: the lab possesses a fully equipped platform for 3D capturing of moving humans including multiple visual and non-visual sensors and technology for the realistic production and reconstruction of the moving humans in the form of 3D point clouds, coding and compression in real time and transmission of the 3D information through 5G networks allowing for the communication of distant users.
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