Smart Home Research Infrastructure

The Smart House is a unique Energy Building based on state-of-the-art building materials (insulation, glass panes, etc.) with “smart” technologies that allow the exploration of various ICT research domains, such as Robotics and Assisted (Tele-) Heath services, or optimized energy efficient building management while simultaneously automating Renewable Energy Sources use. The Smart Energy House is used as a pilot program for validation / testing of new technologies and services provided by the research community in general and by CERTH in particular. The Smart Energy House is equipped with a multi-sensorial network that measures in real-time almost all parameters that consist open challenges for a modern home / workplace (energy, occupancy, health, etc.). Robotics and cutting-edge equipment for Virtual and Augmented Reality are also part of the technologies being used, and in combination with various smart devices and innovative solutions (e.g. grey water recycling, energy measurement, etc.) equip the building with the most innovative and research-promising technologies.

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