Multimedia, Knowledge and Social Media Analytics Lab

The Multimedia, Knowledge and Social Media Analytics Lab was founded in 2007. The lab has extensive expertise and experience in various research areas including semantic multimedia analysis, big data and social media analytics and human computer interaction with applications to various domains like digital media, health, security and environment. More specifically the lab research directions are:

  • Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques for multimedia analysis and understanding.
  • Big Data Mining from Online Social Networks, the Web and Open/Linked Data.
  • Sensor Data Fusion and Information Extraction from heterogeneous sources.
  • Knowledge Representation, Management and Reasoning (Semantics) for various applications (e.g. dialogue management and event detection).
  • Artificial intelligence based on Machine Learning and Semantics following hybrid Symbolism and Connectionism approaches.
  • Brain Research and Brain Computer Interfaces.
  • Multimedia Information Retrieval and Search Engines.
  • Multimodal Human Computer Interaction based on sensor data analysis and visualization.

The lab is applying the research areas and results to various application domains: digital media, news, journalism and on-line misinformation, physical security and emergency response management, cybersecurity, health and activities of daily living monitoring, smart cities, environment, culture and education.

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