Communication & Networking Lab

The Communication & Networking Laboratory was founded in 2002. The lab focuses its research activities on the fields of communication and networks and especially on wireless networking, mobile communications, and network security. It actively participates on research projects through which it has established cooperation with the relevant industry. Its specific directions include:

  • Development and support of the heterogeneous research infrastructure NITOS (, which provides continuous access to wireless, wired, IoT and Cloud Computing resources, for enabling experimentation with state of the art technologies and communication protocols.
  • Research driven by experimentation with 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and mmWave wireless communication networks.
  • Research on Cloud Computing and virtualization of network and computing resources.
  • Research on IoT (Internet of Things) technologies with the development of new platforms for testing wireless sensor networks, integrating various wireless communication technologies, and visualizing measurements.
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