Mr. Dimitrios Zeginis

Research Assistant

  • Diploma in Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki (2004)
  • MSc in Computer Science, University of Crete (2007)
Dimitris Zeginis graduated of the department of Applied Informatics of the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki at 2004. At 2007 he took his Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) at the Computer Science Departmnent of the University of Crete at the scientific area of Information Systems. For one year he worked as a research assistant at the Information Systems Laboratory at the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) at Crete. His main research interest include the area of semantic web.

Recent Publications

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  • D. Zeginis, E. Kalampokis, R. Palma, R. Atkinson, K. A. Tarabanis, "A Semantic Meta-model for Data Integration and Exploitation in Precision Agriculture and Livestock Farming.", 1 Jan. 2023 : 1 – 29. DOI: 10.3233/SW-233156
  • C. Pappis, D. Zeginis, E. Tambouris, K. Tarabanis, "Designing an API for the provision of Public Service information based on CPSV-AP.", In Information Systems. EMCIS 2022. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, vol 464. Springer, Cham.
  • D. Zeginis, K. Tarabanis, "Towards an event-centric knowledge graph approach for public administration.", IEEE 24th Conference on Business Informatics (CBI), pp. 25-32. (2022).
  • S. Karagiorgou, A. Papapostolou, D. Zeginis, Y. Georgiou, E. Frimpong, I. Tsapelas, S. Mouzakitis, K. Tarabanis, "On the Convergence of HPC, Big Data Services, and AI Technologies.", In HPC, Big Data, and AI Convergence Towards Exascale (pp.240-254). CRC Press. (2022).
  • A. Gerontas, D. Zeginis, R. Promikyridis, M. Androš, E. Tambouris, V. Cipan, K. Tarabanis, "Enhancing Core Public Service Vocabulary to Enable Public Service Personalization.", Information, Vol 13, no. 5, p 225. (2022).
Mr. Dimitrios Zeginis

Information Technologies Institute
Centre of Research & Technology - Hellas

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