Mrs. Anastasia Kassiani Blitsi

Research Assistant

  • Diploma Computer Science A.U.TH.(2020)
  • MSc Data and Web Science A.U.TH (ongoing)
I received my diploma in Computer Science from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and I am a postgraduate student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the program of Data and Web Science. I am currently working at CERTH / IPTIL as a developer within the Assist-IoT project specializing in Blockchain technologies. My research interests revolve around the field of blockchain technologies as well as data science.

Recent Publications

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  • C. Savvaidis, A. Blitsi, G. Stavropoulos, I. Papoutsoglou, C. Patsonakis, K. Votis, D. Tzovaras, "Decentralising Access Control for IoT environment", IEEE WFioT2022.
  • C. Kouzinopoulos, A. Blitsi, G. Stavropoulos, K. Votis, D. Tzovaras, "A fuzzy knowledge-based system for UV exposure management", IEEE WFioT2022.
Mrs. Anastasia Kassiani Blitsi

Information Technologies Institute
Centre of Research & Technology - Hellas

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