The nZEB Smart Home as Digital Innovation Hub in the framework of L4MS program

The «nZEB Smart Home»

L4MS is an acceleration program for European Manufacturing SMEs and Mid-Caps to automate the intra-factory logistics. It is a one-stop-shop to get all technical and non-technical services needed.

The goal of L4MS is to reduce the time and setup cost of mobile robots by a factor of 10 for manufacturing companies. It provides complete virtualization of logistics automation with OPIL (Open Platform for Innovation in Logistics) together with a 3D simulator, to enable cost-effective deployment of exceptionally small flexible logistics solutions. It is extremely important that those solutions require no infrastructure change, no production downtime, and no in-house expertise.

The role of «nZEB Smart Home» and CERTH/ITI

CERTH/ITI as a Satellite Node of the L4MS Network, offers its “nZEB Smart Home” Digital Innovation Hub to act as a digital innovation rich environment for deploying, evaluating and validating third-party solutions.

The CERTH/ITI nZEB Smart Home is a rapid prototyping & novel technologies demonstration infrastructure resembling a real domestic building where occupants can experience actual living scenarios while exploring various innovating smart IoT-based technologies with provided Energy, Health, Big Data, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services.

The near-Zero Energy Smart Home of CERTH/ITI is the first house in Greece that combines enhanced construction materials and intelligent ICT solutions creating a future-proof, sustainable and active testing, validating and evaluating environment.

Why should you (and your team) apply to L4MS Open Call?

It offers:

  • Funding and Testing
  • Design support (ex: digitalization of logistic chain)
  • OPIL integration
  • Trainings

If you are interested, and you would like to challenge a spot in the program, please find more information on and, or contact us at

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