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MyCorridor MaaS: A stakeholder-inclusive MaaS platform

With the rapid growth of the global population and its concentration in large urban centres, the need for smart and sustainable mobility solutions has become more imperative than ever. Among the mobility paradigms advocating the shift from vehicle ownership to vehicle usership, the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) paradigm, namely the mobility system that brings together several heterogeneous mobility offerings from different service providers enabling end-users access on them via a single digital interface, seems as the most feasible solution. The acceptance of the MaaS paradigm by the vast majority of citizens requires putting people and their needs in the center of the MaaS design. This paper presents the MyCorridor MaaS, a user-centric MaaS delivery platform, which introduces design and implementation principles for the key components of a MaaS platform, aiming at maximizing the MaaS paradigm user acceptance.