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Towards a Science of Networks Workshop: Communication Networks and Complexity

Held at the Aegeon Beach Hotel in Athens Coast, Athens, Greece,
August 31st-September 1st 2006
Cosponsored by RAWQOS Euro-NGI Project, NEWCOM (Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications) project
and the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) European Office of Research and Development (EOARD).


In emerging wireless ad hoc, peer to peer and sensor communication networks, provision of Quality
of Service (QoS) is an important challenge. These networks increasingly resemble systems in nature and society where large populations engage in complex interactions, develop effective collaboration and reach equilibrium in the absence of central control. Drawing inspiration from such systems will help advance the design of networking environments that scale to huge numbers of heterogeneous devices, able to adapt and operate efficiently in a secure and autonomous manner. In this workshop participants from the JRA.S.0.9 EuroNGI Specific Research Project will integrate and disseminate project results on Internet topologies and power laws, algorithms in peer to peer and wireless ad hoc networks, issues of stability and scalability, impact of interference on connectivity, and probabilistic performance aspects. The aim of the workshop is to assess the state of the art and subsequently define a set of grand challenges that need to be met in order to pursue the creation of a coherent science of networks. The program will consist of several invited and contributed presentations, interspersed by a number of discussion/panel sessions about current research. This workshop is the second in a series that focuses on Communication Networks and Complexity. The first one was held at the University Of Birmingham on 3rd-4th November 2005.