SCHEMA - Network of Excellence in Content-Based Semantic Scene Analysis and Information Retrieval Information Society Technologies
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Description of Work
The SCHEMA Network of Excellence will:

  • Organise short visits between partners in order to exchange information, knowledge and experiences. These visits will be extremely important for young scientists who will have the chance to become familiar with the needs of the industrial and end user partners with a view to preparing appropriate technical solutions.
  • Organise scientific meetings and workshops open to non-members of the network. The Network partners will host three meetings per year and organise two International workshops.
  • Demonstrate results of completed and under-development systems and projects and also share resources and common databases under certain agreements.
  • Study the state of the art, evaluate current solutions and produce reports in the area of content-based semantic scene analysis, interpretation and understanding (algorithms, systems, projects, products).
  • Design a reference system for content-based semantic scene analysis, interpretation and understanding, taking into account the expertise of all partners.
  • Identify future sectoral RTD requirements and prepare future actions such as research projects, collaboration forums, networks of excellence and integrated projects in the 6th Framework Programme.
  • Foster standardisation by preparing joint contributions to MPEG-7 and MPEG-21 standards.
  • Identify and solve related IPR issues. Prepare a model IPR agreement for relevant applications. Also identify common dissemination issues.
  • Disseminate the results of the partnership through common publications, presentations, participation in exhibitions, web pages, Internet newsgroups, workshops and conferences. Identify key players and contributors in the related fields in order to provide valuable feedback about the project.

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