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Project Overview
Duration:3 years
Start Date:1-5-2002
Total Cost:900.000

Relevant Thematic Areas
  • Query structures, which come natural to human beings
  • Content-based multimedia analysis
  • IPR related issues
  • New methods for multimedia access and delivery
  • Semantic web technologies
  • MPEG-7 and MPEG-21 standards
  • User requirements-System evaluation
  • Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval
  • User interfaces and human factors

Relevant Key Action Lines
  • III. Multimedia Content and Tools
  • III.1.1 Publishing Digital Content
  • III.1.3 Next Generation Digital Collections
  • III.4.1 Semantic Web Technologies
  • III.5.1 x-Content futures
  • IV.6.2 Interfaces and buffers for seamless end to end services
  • IV.4.2 Mixed realities and new imaging frontiers

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