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METU Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems Research Lab
METU VISION, is the Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory, in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of the Middle East Technical University. Our research interests cover both Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems. We are focused on theoretical aspects and applications of neural networks and other soft computing approaches such as genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic as it is applies to computer vision, intelligent control and signal processing. Main research areas are a sfollows:

1) 3D Reconstruction via Multiple Images
2) 3D face modelling and animation
3) Object recognition
4) Active Vision
5) Feature Based Stereo Correspondence
6) Texture Segmentation
7) Multiscale Approaches
8) Fingerprint Processing/Identification
9) Image Processing for Medical Diagnosis
10) SAR Image Processing and Target Detection
11)Morphological Operators
12)Snakes and Balloons
13)Fractal Image Compression Techniques
14)Optical Character Recognition
15)Document Analysis
16)Neural Networks
17)Genetic Algorithms
18)Fuzzy Logic
19)Intelligent Control
20)Neural Networks Hardware
21)Conditioned Learning
22)Analysis of EEG/ERP/sleep Signals
23)Intelligent Fault Detection & Diagnosis
24)Neural Optimizers
25)User Identification
26)Automatic Target Recognition in Doppler Radar
27)Robot Control and Localization
28)Distance education


Contact person:
EA 308 06531 BALGAT

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