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The Institute of Information Technologies (IIT) is a research institute, one of the more than 70 independent institutions integrated in the structure of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).

IIT-BAS is a successor of a 30-years tradition in the field of cybernetics and computer science. Resent research and education activities of IIT departments cover the following areas of Computer Science – image and speech recognition, artificial intelligence, decision support systems, information processes, modeling and optimization, information media. The academic staff of 65 scientists (in these number 21 associated professors, 6 professors and 2 academicians) is also largely engaged in the high education (bachelor and/or master) programs of the main Bulgarian universities, generally on the visiting professor’s principle.

IIT-BAS also conducts independent doctoral and post-doctoral education that includes about 30 Ph.D. students currently. In this respect, IIT keeps scientific contacts and cooperation with many advanced institutions in similar domains in the country and from abroad. Among the other related activities of IIT should be mentioned also the 3 regular scientific issues of IIT (CIT, PTCR, and WP), the regular international conferences AIMSA (since 1984), CompSysTech (since 2000), as well as other scientific events and/or projects of international cooperation.

The IIT-BAS interest in the SHEMA affiliated membership originates from its Pattern Recognition Department, which research activities cover Segmentation and recognition of half-tone and color images, Text and graphics processing, 2D and 3D objects recognition and scene analysis, Speaker and speech recognition, Neural networks and systems, and Content Based Multimedia Retrieval as well.


Contact person:
Assoc. Prof. Dimo Todorov Dimov
29-A, Akad.G.Bonchev Str.,
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

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