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Institute of Information Systems & Information Management, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
JOANNEUM RESEARCH (JRS) – located in Graz, Austria - is a non-profit technology centre, concentrating in applied R&D available to business, industry and administration. The company is organised into six research divisions, which cover the topics of information technology as well as electronics and sensor technology, but also environment and energy, materials and processing, economy and technology and human technologies. Each division consists of a number of research institutes. Their highly qualified staff of more than 350 people implements their know-how in all sectors of innovation, both at national and international levels. Their service includes specifically geared development tasks for small- and medium-sized companies, complex interdisciplinary national and international research assignments as well as tailored techno-economic consulting.

The Institute of Information Systems & Information Management is the central part of the information technology division. It concentrates on the combination of classical information systems with visualisation, digital media and communication technologies, thus developing spectacular applications at an international level. It is organized into two research areas, namely Digital Media and Web Information Systems.

The digital media group does mainly research work in digital video technologies digital film restoration, intelligent search algorithms and navigation for multimedia content. The web information systems group focuses on applications combining internet technology and relational databases, development of web interfaces and applications for enhanced functionality and integration of metadata. The activities of both groups converge strongly in applying content-based and semantic approaches to multimedia for Web-based applications. International standards for the exchange of meta-data and respective protocols are an integral part of these activities.

The range of ongoing projects in the Institute deals with various applications for the analysis and recognition of video content, its application for knowledge management as well as with the scientific recording of museums inventories and the interconnection of libraries and all kinds of archives. These activities are performed with a high emphasis on available and evolving standards or initiatives for meta data and communication protocols (e.g. MPEG-2, -4 and -7, SMIL, SOAP, OAI, Z39.50). Further application areas for our technologies are cultural heritage, digital libraries and computer supported training and education.

The institute is backed by long years of experience in domestic and European projects. The most recent projects PRESTO (Preservation Technology for European Broadcast Archives,, AMICITIA (Asset Management and Exchange between Archives,, MALVINE (Manuscripts and Letters via Integrated Networks,, LEAF (Linking and Exploring Authority Files), DIAMANT (Digital Film Restoration and Manipulation Suite,, VIZARD (Video Wizard, and RAA (Recognition and Analysis of Audio, are excellent examples.

Contact person:
Werner Haas
Institute of Information Systems & Information Management
Steyrergasse 17
Phone: +43 316 876 1145
Fax: +43 316 876 1191

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