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Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment (ENEA), UDA-Advisor Unit
ENEA is a public agency operating in the field of research and innovation for sustainable development, for the purpose of promoting together the objectives of development, competitiveness, and employment and that of environmental protection. It also acts as an agency for the public administrations by providing advanced services in the sectors of energy, the environment, and technological innovation.
In particular, it:

- carries out, develops, and promotes research and innovation, also through the creation of demo systems and pilot projects, for the aims and objectives of sustainable development, within the framework of the national research programme and in conformity with the commitments arising from the Italian participation in the European Union and other international organisations on the subjects of energy, environment, and technological innovation;
- supports the innovation processes of the production system, in particular of small and medium-sized enterprises, also promoting the demand for research and technology in conformity with the principles of sustainable development;
- aids the process of the transfer of technology and positive experiences in the energy and environmental field to enterprises, in particular small and medium-sized ones, and to public administrations within the framework of the national policy lines and those of the European Union;
- supplies, on request, in the sectors of its competence and within the framework of programme agreements with the Ministries of Industry, Commerce, and Handicraft, of Universities, and of Scientific and Technological Research and the Environment, as well as with other public administrations, specialised technical and organisational support to the administrations in charge of public actions, at the national and international level, to regions, and to local government units.

The fundamental objective of the UDA-Advisor Unit is to develop methods, techniques, and systems that may contribute substantially to innovation in specific sectors in charge of information dissemination. The activities are thus specifically oriented towards a concrete collaboration among the producers of new technologies and potential users. In this context the themes on which these activities have been mainly concentrated are:

- treatment of information on the Web;
- information filtering for the “intelligent” treatment of information;
- artificial intelligence in the Cultural Heritage field.

Contact person:
Luciana Bordoni
Via Anguillarese 301,
00060 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39-06/30483503

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