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SCHEMA MPEG-7 activities
SCHEMA submitted a document titled "Experimental results for a Search & Retrieval System using MPEG-7 still image descriptors" (MPEG2004/M10566) during the Munich MPEG meeting.

This document describes and compares the general architecture and experimental results of two different CBIR (Content Based Image Retrieval) system implementations carried out within the SCHEMA Network of Excellence; these are the SCHEMA Reference System (using proprietary visual descriptors) and the SchemaXM System (integrating the MPEG-7 eXperimentation Model for descriptor extraction and search and retrieval functionalities).

On the first day of the meeting Dr. Stephan Herrman gave a presentation in the MPEG-7 Visual group showing a big interest in the SCHEMA submission. On the Friday closing plenary, Miroslaw Bober (chair of the MPEG-7 visual group) gave a short presentation of the Web Interface.

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