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SCHEMA mobile application
The applications needs MS Compact Framework 1.0 SP3 installed on the device. Each device using Windows Mobile 2003 comes with the Compact Framework installed. Click here to download the service pack in case you don't have it preinstalled.

Download the application by following this link:

The application starts with the search form. The user can perform a textual query (Fig. 1) or a query by example (Fig. 2) or a combined query. The user can also choose a sample photo browsing the Alinari-SCHEMA’s template repository to perform a query by example, the interface developed to be familiar to the PocketPC users (see Fig 3).

The user can browse the results generated by the Alinari-SCHEMA web service (Fig. 4). He/she can use the search result to refine the search and view the annotation of each images (Fig. 5) and lastly save the image on his/her handheld (Fig. 6).

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