SCHEMA - Network of Excellence in Content-Based Semantic Scene Analysis and Information Retrieval Information Society Technologies
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  • EWIMT 2005
    European Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge, Semantics and Digital Media Technologies 2005
  • ESWC 2005
    "Multimedia and the Semantic Web", call for papers: one day Workshop
  • EUSIPCO 2004
    SCHEMA co-organises the Special Session in "Content Understanding and Knowledge Modelling for Multimedia"
  • WIAMIS 2005
    SCHEMA is participating in the organization of WIAMIS 2005
  • LabS Tech
    SCHEMA was presented during a workshop organised by the LabS TECH European Infrastructure Cooperation Network.
  • EWIMT 2004
    European Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge, Semantic and Digital Media Technologies
  • SCHEMA at WIAMIS 2004
    SCHEMA has succesfully organized a special session on "Semantic-based Multimedia Analysis and Access" at WIAMIS 2004.
  • SCHEMA at CIVR 2004
    SCHEMA organised a special session on EU projects at CIVR 2004.

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